19 September 2015

Fall-tastic Wallpapers

        Fall is right around the corner and my phone still looks like summer. So in order to get in the spirit of the season I have been making wallpapers. It was pretty simple. I went on paint on my ancient laptop and I played around with the tools.  I found which brushes I liked, what color I wanted, and I just got to work. 
        The first one I made was pretty bad. It was a tropical looking leaf. I thought it's was a total fail. DUNZO! It was an okay wallpaper, but you guys deserve more than okay. So, I made another one and another. I have decided to share with you a couple of my favorites. So enjoy. 

It's App-mazing

       So I just wanted to inform you about the awesome app I use to make any image with text. Phonto is an app-mazing app that makes it wasn't add text to anything whether it is a wallpaper or a instagram post. I have it on my iPad and on my Android phone. I know this sounds like an add but it is not.  I just wanted to inform you where the fonts come from. I will be posting some simple wallpapers soon. 

16 September 2015


Well hello there,  I have no idea what I am doing but I am going to try to find out.  This is a blog about makeup, fashion, DIY, and so much more. I hope you guys hang around long enough to see for yourselves.

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